Insulated Metal Panels 

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IMP for Exterior Applications

Insulated Metal Panels are a popular building solution for exteriors because of benefits including design flexibility, energy efficiency and thermal performance. With IMP, you can create a building that is both unique and visually appealing. A wide assortment of colours, profiles and paint finishes allows for a building design that is consistent with your overall branding strategy.

At Pendergast, we’ve been involved in many projects of various scales across North America. If you’re planning on using IMP for your next building project, we’d love to be involved.


High Performance Sustainable Building Envelope

Provides superior levels of thermal (R-Value) and enhance airtightness performance over the service life of the building.


Design Flexibility

Multiple application and design capabilities, complimented by integrated accessories, trims and modules. Wide range of finishes, colours and gages. Tight-fitting panels joints offer superior tightness, preventing thermal bridging and condensation. All panel surfaces are washable keeping them hygiene-safe from bacteria and mold build up.


Single Component

Factory-assembled, high performance insulated panels make installation easy.


Speed of Build

Faster on-site installation time compared to traditional multi-part systems.

Industries Served

Commercial and Industrial

Your building needs a strong, professional looking exterior that will perform against the elements and last. Our premium panels are energy efficient and customizable to your unique building needs.

Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry has expanded in recent years, many companies have built facilities to meet the growing demand for cannabis products. Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) are the perfect building solution for cannabis growing facilities because of their thermal performance and their energy efficiency.

Large-scale Processing Facilities

We have the experience and capacity to deliver our standard level of excellence for large-scale projects. Our insulated panels, Trusscore upgrades, stainless steel cladding and high quality doors will withstand the harshest environments allowing your building to function optimally.

Farms and Food Terminals

Pendergast has significant experience meeting the large-scale demands of various farms and food terminals. Call us today to learn more.

Industrial Refrigeration

Keeping things cool is what we do best. Projects of every size, from a single cooler to an entire warehouse are available from Pendergast. For those looking for additional assistance, we offer design and build services. Let us bring our experience to your next project.

Retail and Bakery

We provide cooler and freezer solutions in a variety of sizes and price ranges. We also offer doors, strip curtain and man doors to fit your business needs.


Our longstanding track record in the grocery business makes us the perfect source for upgrades on your existing units, expanding your current location, new builds and store removals. Contact us today to see how our understanding can help on your next project.


Over our 50 years in business we’ve had the opportunity to work on a large assortment of projects and are always open and looking for new prospects.

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