Food Processing Industry

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Many facilities in the food processing industry require temperature-controlled areas for safe storage of their products. For example, meat processing plants and grocery stores require walk-in coolers and freezers in their facilities.

Pendergast Sales has installed Insulted Metal Panels for many large companies in the food processing industry, including Pizza Pizza, Del Monte Foods, Sobeys, Cavendish Farms, and many more. 



Every service industry struggles with overpromising and under delivering. It’s no accident that a Pendergast project comes in on time, on budget and meeting and often exceeding customer expectations.


Attention to Detail

Our consistent track record is a result of a system we put in place on every project. The “Pendergast Difference” is our high attention to detail that has a direct impact on the top quality of the installation.



It’s simple to say but takes full commitment throughout our entire organization to deliver. Our investments in our employees, equipment and systems support and enable such delivery.


Superior Results

Our process ensures that we clearly identify your needs, have the resources to deliver superior results and leave you with the confidence of knowing you have received full value of your investment in us.

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