About Pendergast

Putting customers first since 1962

Since 1962, Pendergast has used the same philosophy to become a leader in the cold storage industry. We will not make any recommendation until we – and our customer – have a clear understanding of the unique needs.

At Pendergast, we have always understood that we are in the business of managing our customers’ expectations. Special attention is paid to every project we undertake to ensure that there is minimal impact to your operations during the project.

Although many of our customers have some experience with the basic requirements of a refrigerated environment, many are unfamiliar with all the elements that need to be put in place for a successful outcome. That responsibility falls to us.

Pendergast uses an educational, “eyes wide open” approach that keeps surprises to a minimum. If you’re looking for the cheapest price, we’re probably not for you. We serve value-focused customers. No one knows better than you that seemingly “cheap” pricing often ends up being very expensive. Inferior workmanship and poor quality materials will come back to haunt you and often, it’s too late to do anything about it.

We believe in doing things right – from the beginning.

That’s why we invest in certified ongoing training for our employees, our own equipment that allows us to control every aspect of your project, and a professional approach that every Pendergast customer can appreciate.

What Makes Us Different



It’s no accident that a Pendergast project comes in on time, on budget and meeting and often exceeding customer expectations.

Attention to Detail

Our consistent track record is a result of a system we put in place on every project. The “Pendergast Difference” is our high attention to detail that has a direct impact on the top quality of the installation.


It’s simple to say but takes full commitment throughout our entire organization to deliver results.

Superior Results

Our process ensures that we clearly identify your needs, have the resources to deliver superior results and leave you with the confidence of knowing you have received full value of your investment in us.

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